ghidorah is the main antagonist of the godzilla film series due to his immense power and due to the fact it took the combined efforts of godzilla, anguirus, minilla, gorosaurus, kumonga, rodan, mothra, manda, varan and baragon to curbstomp into the ground like a pathetic little child on the playground.

he is very strong.

he is very weak he has been defeated on multiple occasions, but still he is a prominent villain who once decided to become cooler and become keizer gihdorah who is defnitly the same character as ghidor.

for some reason ghidorah decided to go to rehab and stop being a bad guy it was very strange. he teamed up with mothra and baragon to kill godzilla but instead he died like 3 times it was savage.

ghidorah is cool.

after 2004 he stopped acting but he came back in godzilla resurgence in a minor role as one of the helicopters that fired at godzilla.